Magcubic HY300 Freestyle Projector with WiFi and Bluetooth Features 5G + 2.4G WiFi BT 5.0 Support 4K 130-inch screen Auto Keystone Correction 180° Rotation 3W Hi-Fi Speaker Portable Size 50-100% Zoom Wired Screen iOS connect by Cables Connect your iPhone to the projector via the original iPhone charging cable. (Cable has a USB port and Lighting Port) Please click “Trust” when the iPhone shows a pop-up window. Enter device password. Wireless Screen (The Android Mobile/ Pad must be on the same network as the projector device.) Open the settings menu on your Android Mobile/Pad. Access your display settings or screen mirroring. Select the device name. DLNA (The phone/Pad must be on the same network as the projector device.) Open the video playing app. Click the TV icon and select the device name. iOS Cast Connect with iOS Phone via screen mirroring: Open WIFI and find the device name from your phone. Then input the password on your phone. Click Airplay/Screen mirroring on your phone and connect the projector. 180° rotatable/portable It’s easy with this versatile projector: the 180-degree rotating stand lets you place the image anywhere from floor to ceiling, giving you the flexibility to play videos. Portable and Lightweight: Say goodbye to the hassle of heavy, bulky projector chains and projector stands. The Magcubic HY300 mini projector with charging cable and 180° rotation is portable and can be used for various purposes. (You just need to put it in your backpack bag or travel case), E.g. when camping, traveling or at outdoor parties. Thanks to the mini size of 10.08 x 10.35 cm and the net weight of 500 grams, it is perfect for carrying. Automatic keystone correction The HY300 mini projector adopts manual focus and auto keystone correction technology, built-in high-precision sensor, detects real-time movement and focuses faster and more accurately. Please use manual focus after the projector boots up. Auto keystone correction can automatically correct the image up and down.the left and right cannot adjusted. Image zoom 100% – 50% You can reduce the image from 100% to 50% with the remote control without moving this projector. Dual Band WiFi 5G/2.4G Enjoy your favorite movies, music and games on the bigger screen in just a few seconds. High speeds of up to 1500Mbps for lag-free gaming and smooth HD streaming. Higher speed, lower latency, larger capacity, more secure network. Dual-band WiFi (2.4GHz/5.8GHz) for seamless mobile and tablet connectivity. 5G WiFi & BT 5.0 Video Projector Magcubic HY300 Portable Projector equipped with latest 5G/2.4G dual band WiFi, with higher transmission rate and lower latency, a few seconds will be wirelessly synchronized to get a big screen. No additional adapter required. Built-in BT 5.0 chip, the projector allows you to connect the ideal Bluetooth speaker/headphone at any time and save every detail of the sound effect to offer you different sound scenes.

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