Gamer microphone from the Havit brand, model GK61, one of the most renowned brands in gaming The microphone has LED lighting, with 10 different light modes, 5 of which are fixed colors and the other five, the colors change randomly in RGB color. To change light modes, simply press the colored button on the mic body. The LED may also stay off You can change the microphone by pressing the top of the mic with the recording image and the color of the headphone LED will change to red. To unmute the microphone, simply press the button again. Another functionality of the microphone is adjusting the volume of audio capture. In this case, you can be closer or further away from the mic to better capture your voice, taking into account that the higher the volume, the more noise the microphone will pick up. It even has the option of connecting your headset directly to the microphone with a single 3.5mm P3 input, which is the most common on any headset. To connect the microphone to the PC, use a Type-c to USB/Type-C cable, with the Type-c input connected to the microphone and the USB/Type-c directly to the ports on your board or computer case. The product is assembled on the table, the base is fixed but the microphone structure is movable in 360° Product Specifications: Brand: Havit Model: GK61 Code: 1840168 Interface: USB Impedance: 2.2K Frequency: 100Hz-1800KHz Signal to noise ratio: 96 Voltage: 5V Current: 100mA Direction: Omnidirectional Size: 9.5x9.5x21.3 cm Compatibility: Any computer with USB or Type-C input Packaging Specifications: Size: 26 cm (H) x 12.5 cm (W) x 12.5 cm (L) Weight: 644g Included Items: 1 Microphone, 1 USB/USB-Type-C Cable

Comes with charging compartment wireless lavalier microphone, no need for cumbersome operation, compact and portable 2. 2.4G wireless technology, reverberation sound effect, double noise reduction, wireless live broadcast with goods, omnidirectional radio, high-definition sound quality, 50-meter barrier-free transmission, 8h long battery life, powerful compatibility 3. Compatible with mainstream devices on the market, supporting mobile phones/computers/cameras/sound cards/video cameras and applicable to major mainstream APP software 4. 2.4G wireless technology, ready to use, automatic frequency pairing, true wireless is not bound, automatic pairing when turned on, no other operations are required, and the operation is simple 5. The microphone can be fully charged for 6 hours, and the charging box can fully charge the microphone 8 times 6. Support recording while charging the phone 7. Clear and noise-free, low latency, plug and play 8. Intelligent noise reduction, omnidirectional and clear sound pickup, compatible with mobile phones/cameras, etc. 9. Start up immediately after opening the box, automatic code matching, plug and play in 1 second to connect 10. The lavalier has no pressure, is more stable and does not fall off, and is more convenient to carry 11. Automatic calculation of active noise reduction to achieve noise reduction effects for different noise environments 12. High-sensitivity microphone core, 360-degree omni-directional high-definition pickup, strong anti-interference ability and effective identification of the original sound, and can still record clearly in noisy environments 13. Built-in professional receiving chip, high sensitivity and stable transmission 14. Recording while charging, fine matte surface parameter: 1. Material: ABS+PC 2. Sensitivity: -26DB 3. Signal-to-noise ratio: greater than or equal to 90 decibels 4. Battery capacity: 350mAh 5. Frequency response: 20Hz-25KHz 6. Wireless version: 2.4GHz 7. Bluetooth version: 5.0 8. Charging time: about 2 hours 9. Working hours: about 12 hours 10. Charging interface: Type-c/USB-c 11. Receiving distance: 20 meters 12. Rated input: DC5V 500mA 13. Pointing type: omnidirectional 14. Packing list: microphone, charging cable, manual 15. Size: 85 x 63 x 28mm

Recommended Uses For Product Vlogging, Recording Brand Generic Model Name K35 3.5mm Dual Receiver Mics Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, Auxiliary Connector Type 3.5 mm Jack About this item Dual Mics are the perfect option for recording a Conversation between to People , Adding Special effects, Mike comparers , Introductions and so on. Why restrict to single Mic ? – and You an use Dual set as single Set as well.. Just don’t switch on the other Mic You can have the other Mic as a backup to extend the usage of the shoot Multiple Options Compatible Devices: This Wireless Lapel Microphone System is Suitable for 3.5mm port All product AUDIO JACKs Computer, Handy CAM, DSLR, and so Long Distance Transmission & Long Battery Life: Upgraded wireless microphone transmission technology, 65 feet stable audio signal transmission without cable and harsh noises. The receiver is powered by your device(Can Be Charged At The Same Time), the transmitter built in rechargeable batteries works up to 7-8 hours. Compatible Devices: This Wireless Lapel Microphone System is Suitable for 3.5mm port All product AUDIO JACKs Plug & Play and Hands-Free: No Adapter/ Additional APP/ Bluetooth needed, just 2 steps to connect. Step 1: Plug the receiver into your devices; Step 2: Power on the microphones. Say goodbye to messy cables, and the wireless lapel lavalier microphones can be clipped on the collar to free your hands for audio video recording, make your live streaming more relaxed and enjoyable! Professional Grade K35 Wireless Mic for Any devices – This wireless microphone is featured with high-sensitive sound pickup mic components, it has in-built latest chip technology which helps the wireless mic to capture the voice easily with a high sample rate and restores your voice without any distortion so that the video may get recorded noiseless and smooth Superior Noise Reduction & Real-time Auto-sync: This omnidirectional wireless lavalier microphone is built with professional-grade intelligent noise reduction chips, providing effective identification of the original sound and clear recording in noisy environment. The real-time auto-sync technology extremely reduce the time of video post-editing, supporting a better experience in videos being watched.