BLACK+DECKER BXCO800E Water Pressure Coffee Machine Maximum pressure: water pressure coffee machine with 3.5 bar pressure for an intense and tasteful coffee. With 800W maximum power. ELEGANT DESIGN: Elegant black design with stainless steel details and modern front thermometer that shows the temperature of the coffee. Milk frother: features a steam nozzle with comfortable handle for frothing milk and prepare delicious cappuccinos or coffees with little milk. 4 cups: glass carafe with 0.24 litre capacity for preparing up to 4 cups Extras: It has a removable drip tray for cleaning and the coffee filter is made of stainless steel. Overview Noon east espresso machine come with 3 in 1 function. 3.5-bar pressure and high temperature of steam can produce thicker taste espresso, and make milk frothing for cappuccino and Latte. It can heat up your beverages when required. Velvety smooth espresso will make mornings so much better. Make your coffee breaks more exciting with the Noon east Coffee Maker. With its steam nozzle, you can also add froth to your coffee and make it more appealing. Enjoy sipping your delicious coffee that will refresh you and keep you awake. The aluminum coffee filter comes with a safety lock and scale, so your coffee doesn’t spill. Key Features Can make up to 240 ml espresso coffee at a time Single switch knob with indicator light for easy operation Milk frothier perfect for delicious cappuccinos, macchiato Coffee or a simple late Adjustable steam control Removable and washable filter for easy cleaning Removable filter holder Removable drip tray for easy cleaning Technical Specifications: 3.5 bar working pressure for rich taste coffee Stainless steel outer body With 4 cups stainless steel filter, aluminum alloy filter holder Overheating and overpressure protection device Powerful motor with thermostat 220-240V; 50-60Hz; 800W CB Standard, BS Plug

Description The NOWpresso Gold PLUS Portable Espresso Machine was created for you to experience coffee freedom on your terms! With the world’s fastest heating time in less than 5 minutes so you can brew up to 3-4 cups of your favorite espresso. With one push of a button it heats and automatically pump for you and pours your coffee directly into the detachable clear drinking cup Includes: 3 Tritan detachable cups. 2 Neoprene cup sleeves, when attached perfect to carry capsules. 2 Interchangeable Capsule discs designed for both Compatible originals Capsules and Compostable / Biodegradable Capsules. USB Adapter US, AUS, EU & UK Car Charger Features: Fastest heating time Metal water tank with dual heating plate Digital OLED display Pre-boil water up to 200 cups One button function for everything Portable lightweight Boil water anywhere you go Slick new design with a Smokey translucent cup made of TRITAN material And why is TRITAN material significant you may be asking? Well, it’s BPA free, no odor and no plastic taste with hot coffee. And, the parts that are touching water and/or coffee are made of special plastics with 40% glass fiber to withstand the heat and pressure and keep the integrity of the coffee taste and smell. Compatible with best-selling aluminum capsules So whether you are traveling, on an adventure, working or at home, you can now enjoy a fresh, perfectly extracted espresso with a thick rich crema automatically made for you at the simple push of a button! Includes: NOWpresso Gold Portable Espresso Machine, 12V Car Charger and AC Adaptor Size: L 9.9 x W 3.2 x D 3 in / L 253 x W 83 x D 78 mm Weight: 1.96 lbs. / 890g Optimum Pump Pressure:15 Bar Infusion Pump Pressure: 8 – 12 Bar Boiling Cold Water: full charge makes 3 cups of coffee Instantly Making Coffee (using boiled or iced water): full charge makes 200 cups of coffee Removable Lithium Battery: 28.08 WH Charges with: NOWpresso AC Adaptor, NOWpresso Car Charger and your USB Type-C (connected to a 5V / 2A AC Adaptor)

WACACO PICOPRESSO PORTABLE ESPRESSO MACHINE Picopresso is the most compact and pro-oriented of Wacaco’s portable espresso machines. This specialty coffee espresso machine features a naked portafilter, so users will see delicious creamy espresso flowing directly from a standard 52mm 18 grams stainless steel filter basket during the brewing process. Easy to use, Picopresso helps you get the best coffee goodness out of your grind wherever you are, thanks to its well-designed pressure chamber that delivers 18 Bars of pressure, the extracted brew is perfectly clean every time. Enjoy your pro-level Double espresso shot with Wacaco PicoPresso. Features SMALL BREWER, BIG FLAVOR: Take command of your espresso, at home and beyond, with a ground-breaking espresso maker that doesn’t sacrifice shot quality for portability. With just 4.5inches, this is the most compact espresso brewer. PRO-LEVEL ESPRESSO: The Picopresso produces emblematic creamy shots with dense flavors and stunning aromas. A signature extraction once reserved for bulky, heavy countertop espresso makers. TRULY COMPACT: Far from the traditional espresso machine format, the Picopresso fits in the palm of your hand. But don’t let its tiny size fool you. It’s a real concentration of power, able to outperform many of its big brothers. DELICIOUS DOUBLE SHOT: Don’t settle for mediocre coffee when you need a serious kick. Brew a full double shot of espresso with the wide 52mm stainless steel basket that holds up to 18 grams of your favorite coffee grounds. BUILT LIKE A TANK: Designed for reliability, the Picopresso is the ultimate portable espresso machine. Made from metals and robust materials its crafting quality is second to none