Model TUF GAMING CAPTURE BOX-CU4K30 Product Name ASUS TUF Gaming Capture Box-CU4K30 Interface USB 3.2 Gen1x1 Type-C® Video Input HDMI 2.0 Video Output(Passthrough) HDMI 2.0 Audio Input HDMI 2.0 Audio Output(Passthrough) HDMI 2.0 Video Resolution(Input) 4K60Hz HDR、1440p144Hz HDR、1080p240Hz HDR Max Video Resolution(Passthrough) 4K60Hz HDR、1440p144Hz HDR、1080p240Hz HDR HDMI® VRR Passthrough Yes Depending on the resolution of the bypass monitor, the CU4K30 will support a VRR ranging between 48 Hz and 120 Hz for you to enjoy fluid gameplay. Max Video Resolution (Recording) USB 3.2 Gen 1×1 Type-C® : Uncompressed 2160p30/1440p60/1080p120/1080p60/1080p30/720p60/720p30/576p/480p USB 2.0: Uncompressed 720p30 Video Format(Recording) NV12,YUV2

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