The LJJ-45 LED Ring Fill Light, with a diameter of 18 inches (45 cm), is a professional lighting option that's suitable for various applications including photography, video filming, makeup, hair styling, tattooing, and more. It features three light temperature settings—warm (yellow), daylight (mixed), and cool (white)—allowing for flexibility in lighting conditions to suit your needs. The light's color temperature ranges from 2700K to 6500K, and it includes 416 LED lamps, ensuring bright and uniform illumination. This model is particularly noted for its adjustability in light temperature and brightness, making it versatile for creative work. It's powered via a mains supply (220V), using a 12V/5A power supply, and has a total power output of 48 watts. The LED ring light comes equipped with a tripod that extends up to 2.1 meters, offering stability and height adjustment for various shooting angles. The package typically includes the LED lamp, a power supply, a remote control, and the tripod, though specifics can vary. This ring light is praised for its compact, lightweight design, and the absence of ultraviolet and infrared radiation, marking it as safe and environmentally friendly. It's designed to offer natural, uniform light without casting shadows, which is essential for high-quality visual content creation​

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