LED light kit Varicolor led-u800 has a good set of functions and characteristics An excellent solution for lighting shooting scenes in conditions of insufficient illumination. Especially appreciate photographers and videographers, removing interiors, weddings, children’s holidays and various corporate events. Gives a very powerful luminous flux to improve the quality of your photos and videos! Aluminum blinds will help to adjust the flow of light, and the dimmer will adjust the brightness and heat of the light. For mounting the light onto your camera, a ball mount is included and is adjustable to rotate in various directions. A rotary dial on the back panel of the light lets you select between different color temperatures from 3200K – 6500k tungsten, and another dial lets you dim brightness from 100 – 10%. The LED 800 light centers around an on-camera LED light that features 800 warm-to-the-touch LED bulbs.

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