Main Features: Easily install the cooler on the back of the console Connect the power cable correctly Turn the switch to “TURBO” or “SLOW” Turn to ON: manually Start the fan Turn to Auto: this product begins to work when the temperature is above 40 ℃ This product stops working when turn the switch to “OFF”. (When the PS4 host temperature is running to above 40 degree Celsius, the fan will automatically start to dissipate heatThe fan will automatically close when the host temperature is below 40 degree Celsius) Start the fan through turning "②” to “ON”, it is in manual gear, its “L” gear is low speed, and “H” gear is for high speed Application scope: PS4 Pro console Working voltage: DC 5V Fan specifications: DC 5V 0.15A Built in 5 fans Package Included: 1 x DOBE TP4-831 Cooling Fan for PS4 Pro 1 x USB Charging Cable

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