Suitable for the second generation Oculus VR controller; Power input Type-c port: used to connect the power adapter to supply power to the product, the input voltage is DC5V. Charging socket for left and right handles: There is a charging pin inside the socket. After the left handle is inserted into the charging socket, the left handle can be charged. Left and right handle charging indicator icons: Indicate the charging status of the left handle. During charging, the icon is a red light indicator; when the charging is completed, the icon is green; there is no light indicator after the handle is removed. LOGO icon: The LOGO icon will be displayed in white light after the product is powered on. Input voltage: DC 5V Input current: 2A Charging current of left/right handle: ?600mA x 2 Battery capacity: 1850mAh Package included: 1 x Charging Dock for the second generation Oculus VR controller 1 x USB to Type-c charging cable 2 x TY-18162 rechargeable batteries 2 x TY-18162 handle battery cover

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