Enhance your sound experience with our premium 12 Pack Acoustic Panels. Each panel measures 30x30cm and is crafted from high-density, sound-absorbing foam, designed to reduce unwanted echoes and background noise. The sleek black color not only provides excellent sound insulation but also adds a professional touch to your studio, home office, or gaming room. Key Features: High-Quality Sound Absorption: Effectively reduces reverb, flutter echoes, and unwanted sound reflections. Easy Installation: Can be easily mounted using double-sided tape, spray adhesive, or command strips (not included). Versatile Use: Ideal for recording studios, home theaters, offices, gaming rooms, and more. Professional Appearance: The black color and professional design seamlessly blend into any room decor. Durable Material: Made from long-lasting, eco-friendly, and fire-resistant foam. Package Includes: 12 Black Acoustic Panels (30x30cm each)

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