PureLink WHD030Wireless HD Extender Set High-speed data transfer between 4.9 and 5.9 GHz for 3D and HDTV up to 1080p Extremely compact transmitter in the size of a USB stick The low installation depth allows the installation of the receiver behind its flat screen Wireless data transfer up to 10 meters Scope of delivery: 1 wireless HD extender with manual, power adapter, HDMI cable, Micro-USB cable and mounting kit Wireless transmission of HD audio and video signals With the Wireless HD Stick WHD030-V2 you get the usual signal transmission – without any cables The transmitter is an HDMI stick that is perfect for use with your mobile devices because it does not require an external power supply and can be transported together with the mobile device. You can also connect the transmitter to a USB port as a power source. So you no longer have to plan where your cables will be laid, and the location of your devices is also completely flexible up to ten meters away. Due to our further development, the receiver of this set is significantly smaller than that of the previous model and therefore easier to stow away. No external power supply The WHD030-V2 comes without an external power supply and can be easily transported together with the mobile device, also due to its small dimensions. You can also connect the transmitter to a USB port as a power source if your mobile device’s power setting allows it. This allows the source device to be used anywhere in the room. Wall mounting So that not only the connection of the video signal is invisible, but also the housing of the device itself, the modules offer a possibility for wall mounting on the back and have a standardized tripod thread to attach them behind the screen. Professional quality With a PureLink product, you are always opting for first-class professional quality. PureLink HDMI products master the challenge of transmitting images and sound perfectly, even at the highest data rates. Our HDMI devices are optimized for the requirements of HDTV, so there is no need to fear any pixel errors.