VAPORETINE LV 3580 Description Orbegozo’s LV 3580 vaporetine is a trend in terms of cleaning. The use of steam to sanitize the home is a guarantee of good health. Now it is possible to have shiny and healthy corners with a single easy-to-use product. The Orbegozo vaporetine has 2.6 – 3.2 bar of water pressure and a power of 1050 W that ensure total cleaning in all corners. It has a 350 ml capacity tank with a safety cap that does not allow it to be unscrewed if there is pressure inside. Working with steam under pressure everything comes off and is easy to remove. In those environments where there are carpets, steamers are the best choice. In addition to cleaning the surface, it disinfects and removes stains. It is ideal when there are children at home who leave their tracks all over the floor. At Orbegozo we strive to improve the home economy with our products. And truly vaporetine is a good saving method. Now you can say goodbye to spending on allergy medications and other cleaning fluids. It has a 3 meter cable to facilitate mobility during cleaning. You only need current and water for the home to be a certificate of health. If you want to buy a steamer, you should check the accessories that are included. At Orbegozo, we offer nine accessories dedicated to all kinds of needs: flexible tube, conical nozzle, accessory for smooth surfaces, accessory for glass, cloth, round brush, inclined nozzle, funnel, and measuring cup. It is important to get home and not worry about having to make more investments.