Snap + powerstation stand 10,000mAh of fast charging power to your qi-enabled or MagSafe compatible device Stream movies or make video calls without worrying about a low battery! The all-new snap+ powerstation stand charges your iPhone 12 and more in an ultra-versatile package. An adjustable stand folds out to turn the powerstation into a portable stand that charges your phone while you text or stream. The snap+ powerstation stand also includes a standard ¼ inch tripod socket to take your video calls to the next level. The magnetic array ensures charging begins on contact, so you get the perfect charge every time. Contains a 10,000 mAh Internal Battery: Outlast the day, or just any video call, with an extra boost of power when you need it most. Compatible with MagSafe and More: The magnetic array on the snap+ powerstation stand is compatible with any MagSafe enabled iPhone and any Qi-enabled smartphone, including Apple, Samsung, and Google phones. Tripod Socket: The snap+ powerstation stand comes with a standard ¼ inch – 20 threads/square inch tripod socket for added stability during video calls or video streaming. Adjustable Stand: A handy stand folds out when you want to prop your phone up and folds back in when you just want to charge. Accurate Placement: The magnetic array ensures you hit the charging sweet spot, so you get the perfect charge every time. Wireless Charging: The snap+ powerstation stand wirelessly charges your phone. Versatile USB-C Port Use the USB-C port to recharge the snap+ powerstation stand in record time, or use that same port to charge another device. Snap Adapter Included Attach the metallic ring to a non-MagSafe compatible iPhone or any other Qi-enabled smartphone to make it instantly compatible with the snap+ powerstation stand.